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Daily Personal Sadhana


What is a Sadhana?

A Sadhana is a Sanskrit term for daily spiritual practice. It is a personal practice in which energy levels are increased; a balance between mind, body and soul is established and deep harmony with your surroundings and beyond is created.

Gifting yourself if possible 20-30 minutes each morning and 20 minutes at night (but putting aside any amount of time no matter how little is nourishing) is the pathway to positive consciousness and a powerful shift from the ego mind which is responsible for negative thoughts, feelings and addictions which hold us in a state of karma – restraint, bondage and suffering – and into the upper mind and the “now” and to a purposeful life. The nervous system is calmed, new possibilities are opened up and the overwhelming no longer dominates.

We are here to guide you, giving you that motivational lift in the early days of your 21 day practice and as your momentum increases, we will continue to support every step of the way as you develop your techniques of breathwork, meditation, asana and journaling. These practices are individually designed to increase strength, build vitality and create mental clarity.

The Sadhana steps

  • A personal 1-1 discussion to understand how you are feeling and the path you are on

  • Commitment to 21 days

  • Initiation into the daily practice

  • Meditation and Kriya sets (Kriya techniques are the keys to evolution. Kriya is an ancient eastern technology. Kriyas are passed between individuals verbally and physically)

  • Journaling and gratitude acknowledgement

  •  Daily asana posture

  • Week 1 live zoom practices – ensuring you are practicing correctly

  • A weekly check in practice thereafter to keep you motivated and update on your journaling

  • On hand to support you

  • Day 21 live zoom practice and sharing the journey

Sadhana’s can also be practiced for 40 or 54 days.



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